Introducing the Backstage Pass – giving you access to amazing deals on our drinks and delicious new menu.

In addition to the discounts listed below, our drinks deals will change regularly- check back for updates!

Without Backstage Pass With Grey Backstage Pass

Pint of Cherub & Skull £3.80 £3.16

125ml glass of wine £3.50 £2.91

Bottle of wine £18.00 £14.94

Selected spirit & mixer (dash) £3.85 £3.20

Selected spirit & bottled mixer £4.50 £3.74

Tea & Coffee £2.00 £1.80

3 small plates £14.00 £12.60

1 small plate + side £7.00 £6.75

Soup + ½ sandwich £5.50 £4.57

Individual menu items Please see menu 10% discount

Also receive 10% off room hire and event catering with your Grey Backstage Pass.

Get your card at Tron Bar & Kitchen or Tron Theatre’s Box Office today.

The Backstage Pass Terms & Conditions

  • The pass will be available to pick up form the Tron Bar & Kitchen and Tron Box Office.

  • Items on offer cannot be further discounted.

  • Alcoholic drinks will only be sold to those over 18, the Tron Bar & Kitchen operates under Challenge 25.

  • If the advertised ‘special’ has finished a comparable alternative will be made available.

  • The holder of the pass will only be able to use the card for the discounted purchase of alcoholic drinks in a new licensed period following the collection the card, if the holder has already purchased those named drinks from the bar.

  • The management reserves the right to refuse service.

  • The management reserves the right to remove the pass if it deems that it is being abused.  








Montepulciano (Red) £18 a bottle, £14.94 with Backstage Pass.

Vida Organica (white) £18 a bottle, £14.94 with backstage Pass.

Select Spirit & Mixer

Long Pink Gin (Beefeater pink gin, angostura bitters, lemonade, lime) £3.85, £3.20 with Backstage Pass.

Spiced Rum & Apple (Captain Morgan’s spiced run, apple juice, ginger bitters, orange wedge) £3.85, £3.20 with Backstage Pass.

Gin Buck (Makar oak aged, ginger ale, orange) £4.50, £3.74 with Backstage Pass.

Bourbon Lemonade (Buillet Rye, Victorian lemonade fresh mint) £4.50 will be £3.74 with Backstage Pass.